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#304 Independence Day – July 4th

#304 Independence Day – July 4th

by Georgiana | SpeakEnglishPodcast.com


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Today, we will learn about a special American holiday called the Fourth of July, also known as Independence Day. It’s a day full of fun, fireworks, and important history. Let’s dive deeper into why people in the USA celebrate this day!

And with a fun mini-story, you will improve your English fluency.

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Ok, let’s start!

What is the Fourth of July?

The Fourth of July marks the day when Americans celebrate the United States’ independence from Great Britain. This day commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. This document declared that the thirteen American colonies were no longer subject to the British monarch and were now united, free, and independent states.

Why do Americans celebrate this day?

Before 1776, America consisted of 13 colonies controlled by Great Britain. The people in these colonies were unhappy because they had to pay taxes to Britain but had no say in making decisions that affected them. They felt this was unfair and began to strive for more autonomy and rights. After much conflict and struggle, representatives from each colony gathered to write the Declaration of Independence. This act was a bold statement of freedom and set the foundation for the United States.

How do Americans celebrate the Fourth of July?

  1. Parades: Many towns and cities hold parades featuring marching bands, floats, and participants dressed in red, white, and blue—the colors of the American flag.
  2. Barbecues and picnics: It’s common for families and friends to gather for a meal outdoors, enjoying traditional foods like hamburgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, and watermelon.
  3. Fireworks: Fireworks are a highlight of the celebration. People gather to watch spectacular displays that light up the sky at night, symbolizing the historic battles for independence.
  4. Flags and decorations: American flags are displayed prominently, along with streamers, balloons, and other decorations in the national colors.
  5. Concerts and public events: Many cities host concerts with live music, games, and activities for families, culminating in grand fireworks shows.

What do people feel on this day?

On the Fourth of July, Americans show their pride in their country. It’s a day to remember how important democracy is. That’s why the Fourth of July is a big, happy day in the USA. It’s about remembering history, celebrating, and feeling proud to be an American.

And now, let’s continue with a mini-story.


Mini-Story 📖 (Practice your speaking)

I will tell you a story by asking simple questions. I use this method in my premium courses because it’s highly effective.

First, I say a short sentence with facts. Then, I ask you questions. After each question, you answer. Then, I tell you the right answer. That’s how we make the story.

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You will find several levels.

Okay! Let’s start!

The Pentagon received an alarm indicating that many objects, which looked like missiles, had been detected.
Did the Pentagon receive an alarm?
Yes, it did. The Pentagon received an alarm indicating that many objects, which looked like missiles, had been detected.
What did the Pentagon receive?
An alarm. The Pentagon received an alarm.
What did the alarm indicate?
A detection of a large number of objects, which looked like missiles, had been detected.
Were they actual missiles, or did they just look like missiles?
They looked like missiles. 
Who received the alarm?
The Pentagon. The Pentagon received an alarm alerting them of what looked like missiles.
All defense systems were immediately activated, and the president, who was on vacation, was called in.
Were all defense systems activated or deactivated?
Activated. All the defense systems were activated. 
Who was called in when the defense systems were activated?  
The president. The president was on vacation and called in when the defense systems were activated.
Was the president on vacation when he was called in?  
Yes, he was. The president was on vacation.
Were the defense systems activated slowly or immediately?  
Immediately. All systems were activated immediately.
Unexpectedly, in the control room, someone shouted, “But… It’s just fireworks!”
Did someone shout in the control room?  
Yes, someone shouted. Unexpectedly, someone in the control room shouted out something.
What did someone shout in the control room?  
“But… It’s just fireworks!” Unexpectedly, someone in the control room shouted that.
Where did someone shout, “But… It’s just fireworks!”?  In the Oval Office?
No, no.  Someone shouted in the control room, not in the Oval Office.
Was the shouting expected or unexpected?  
Unexpected. The shouting in the control room was unexpected.
It turned out that Jack launched many fireworks, which confused the radars.
Who launched many fireworks?  
Jack. It turned out that Jack, always enthusiastic about the Fourth of July celebrations, launched many fireworks.
Why did Jack launch many fireworks?  
Because of his enthusiasm for the Fourth of July celebrations, Jack launched many fireworks.
What did Jack launch? 
Many fireworks. Jack launched many fireworks.
What was the result of Jack setting off many fireworks?  
The radars were confused. The large amount of fireworks set off by Jack confused the radars.
Why were the radars confused?  
Due to the fireworks. The radars were confused because Jack set off many fireworks during the Fourth of July celebrations.
When did Jack set off the fireworks – on New Year’s Eve?
No, no. Jack set off the fireworks during the Fourth of July celebrations, not on New  Year’s Eve.
In the end, the Pentagon generals took it with a sense of humor, and besides, it was a great drill.
Who took it with a sense of humor?  
The Pentagon generals. Ultimately, the Pentagon generals took the situation with a sense of humor.
How did the Pentagon generals react to the situation?  
With a sense of humor. They took it with a sense of humor, viewing it as a great drill.
What was the benefit of the situation, according to the Pentagon generals?  
It was a great drill. Although initially confusing, the situation turned out to be a great drill.

Well, we’re finished with our short practice.

Answering many simple questions can improve your speaking, just like talking in real life.

Today, you’ve tried a small part of this question-and-answer technique. Do you want to learn more?

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I will be back next week! 


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