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254 Business Expressions – The Office TV show

254 Business Expressions – The Office TV show

Transcript: Hey everyone, welcome back to another episode of the podcast. I'm Georgiana, your English teacher, and my mission is to help you speak English fluently. And if you want to help me, share the podcast. That would mean a lot. Thanks. Ok! We'll start with a...

#253 Words and Phrases to Describe Large Quantities in English

#253 Words and Phrases to Describe Large Quantities in English

Transcript: Today, we will keep exploring and learning more about expressing larger amounts. When we want to talk about more significant quantities, we can use different words and expressions. These terms can indicate having more of something or a significant amount....

#252 Words and Phrases to Describe Small Quantities in English

#252 Words and Phrases to Describe Small Quantities in English

Transcript: Today, we'll talk about words and phrases that can help you express the amount or quantity of something and when to use them effectively. Let's start by discussing small quantities. If you only have a little bit of something, you might say "a few" or...

#251 Technical problems on Zoom

#251 Technical problems on Zoom

Transcript: Do you need help with technical problems during Zoom calls? In this episode, we'll cover common tech problems in Zoom meetings and how to handle them using helpful phrases. And you'll practice your speaking with a fun mini-story. Zoom has become a crucial...

#249 Zoom Business Meetings in English

#249 Zoom Business Meetings in English

Transcript: Do you get nervous when you need to speak English over Zoom? Don't worry because in this episode, you'll discover how to engage in a business meeting over Zoom. In the second part of this episode, you’ll learn grammar in context with a point-of-view story....

I answer some frequently asked questions about the podcast and my English premium courses in this video.


Welcome to the Speak English Now Podcast, where you can improve your listening and speaking skills! I’ve recorded each episode in English with high-quality audio and clear pronunciation.

Through this podcast, you’ll learn about both American culture and the English language itself. You’ll also improve your English through mini-stories and point-of-view lessons.

Additionally, there’s a transcript available in PDF format for every episode.

Now, you might be wondering what’s different about my podcast. That’s a great question!

While there are many areas of English that you can improve, my focus and mission are to help you speak English fluently.

Let me repeat: my mission is to help you speak English fluently.

If you need to improve in other areas, such as writing or formal grammar, I recommend finding other resources. But if your goal is to expand your speaking skills, then this podcast is for you.

Each episode begins with a discussion on a particular topic, which may include:

Lifestyle and Culture: When learning a foreign language, having the necessary context is essential to understanding conversations. The more you know about the lifestyle and culture, the better you’ll be able to comprehend English conversations.

Language: In this section, I discuss parts of the language that can be difficult. A little explanation can go a long way, such as with conditionals.

Vocabulary: While listening and reading can help you learn a lot of vocabulary, it’s also helpful to see specific vocabulary related to topics like traveling, technology, and more. And of course, I won’t forget about phrasal verbs.

Advice: I’ll help you become an independent learner and guide you through the process. Some episodes will cover things you need to know to learn English more effectively, such as the benefits of repeated listening and how to choose appropriate material levels. 

Don’t worry – I’ll make everything easy to understand and incredibly useful.

Because having a transcript is essential for language learners, I’ll write the transcript for every episode, which will be available to you.