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Hi! I’m Georgiana, founder of

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Hi! I’m Georgiana, founder of And this is what I do: I help people to SPEAK English.

I emphasize the word SPEAK because I believe you don’t know a language until you speak it.

In fact, I am also a language learner, like you. I’m a polyglot, so I consider myself lucky because I started learning other languages when I was a kid.

Fortunately, I didn’t follow any of the traditional methods. Memorizing grammar rules or vocabulary lists was not my thing.

I firmly believed that learning a new language had

to be fun and easy!

Knowing how hard it is for others to learn English, I’ve decided to help students worldwide speak English fluently without any grammar rules or textbooks.

In less than six months, students speak English fluently!

And the reason many students find it so hard to learn English is due to the method they are using.

So let me show you the techniques you can use to improve your English!

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