#237 Talking about
 Pets in English


Today we will talk about pets in the United States. And with a fun mini-story, you will practice your English speaking. I’m sure you’re going to enjoy answering many questions in English. It’s like having a conversation with another person.

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Okay! Let’s start!

Nowadays, more and more people are adopting animals, and pet ownership in the States is on the rise.

I had a dog some time ago, which was a beautiful experience. The connection between a dog and its owner is always special, especially when you take them for a walk. A dog needs to go for long walks to be able to connect with you. Some assume you must give them their favorite treat to win them over. But that link happens when you take them out for a walk.

There are few things like the unconditional love of a dog. It’s a unique feeling when you come home after a stressful day and know that your dog is waiting for you, always happy to welcome you.

In America, dogs are the favorite pet. Almost 40% of households have at least one dog as a pet.

However, before adopting one, you should keep in mind that it requires training, daily walks, etc.

In addition, owning a dog in the States is costly. Dog owners spend more than $1,000 yearly on vet check-ups, medications, and medical supplies.

But as I was saying, the relationship with a dog is rewarding. And if you haven’t had a positive experience with your dog, it’s probably due to a lack of understanding. The first time you adopt a dog, you learn on the fly how to handle it. In any case, I encourage you to try again. But if you are not yet ready for this, I totally understand. Because although I have been fortunate with my dog because he was really sweet and obedient, I am not yet considering adopting another one.

Now you may wonder which is better: buying or adopting a dog? Although there is nothing wrong with either option, adopted animals seem to be very grateful.

And since I’ve never had a cat, I can’t speak much from personal experience, but I have some friends who adopted a cat a few months ago, and they are delighted with the furry animal.

Besides, cats require much less maintenance because they are more independent. Even so, a cat is still a great companion.

In the States, cats are the second most preferred pet, and unlike dogs, cats don’t need daily walks and are happy to entertain themselves.

Okay, now we know a little more about pets. And you, do you have a pet at home? You can send me a picture of your pet if you want.



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