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#251 Technical problems on Zoom


Do you need help with technical problems during Zoom calls? In this episode, we’ll cover common tech problems in Zoom meetings and how to handle them using helpful phrases. And you’ll practice your speaking with a fun mini-story.

Zoom has become a crucial tool for remote work and communication. But, as you may have experienced, technical problems can pop up during a Zoom call.

As an English learner, it’s important to feel comfortable using the app and handling any problems that may come up.

Don’t worry if you’re not a tech expert. Learning the basics of Zoom will help you communicate better with your coworkers and clients. It’s a good idea to practice using Zoom’s simple features, like sharing your screen, using the chat, and muting your microphone. These features can make your Zoom meetings run more smoothly.

To help you tackle these issues, I’ve prepared an example conversation on Zoom addressing common technical problems.

Participants: John from the United States, Maria from Brazil, and Yuna from South Korea 

John: Hello, everyone. Can you hear me clearly?

Maria: Yes, I can hear you, John.

Yuna: Sorry, I’m having trouble hearing you. I may have a problem with the connection.

John: No problem, Yuna. Can you check your internet connection or try refreshing your browser?

Yuna: Sorry to interrupt, but my screen is blank. Is anyone else having this issue?

Maria: No, my screen is working fine.

John: Yuna, can you try exiting and then rejoining the meeting?

Yuna: Okay, let me try that.

Maria: John, I think you’re frozen. I mean, your screen is frozen. Can you hear me?

John: Oh, sorry about that, Maria. I need to figure out what’s going on. Let me turn off my camera and then turn it back on.

Maria: I’m also having some issues. The image and sound are out of sync on my end.

Yuna: I agree, Maria; I noticed the same thing.



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