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254 Business Expressions – The Office TV show


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Ok! We’ll start with a brief conversation that includes the top 10 business expressions.

And to make learning more fun, I’ve taken inspiration from ‘The Office‘ TV show. And you’ll learn grammar in context with a point-of-view story.

Let’s get started!

Jack walked into the office and said…

Jack: “Wow, this place looks familiar. It’s like I’m in ‘The Office’ TV show.”

Pam: “Yeah, Jack, we get that a lot. We like to think outside the box here.”

Jim: “You’re right, Pam! We’re

always brainstorming new ideas to stay ahead of the competition.”

Jack: “That’s great to hear. I’m ready to get the ball rolling and take it to the next level.”

Pam: “Good to hear. But make sure to touch base with your boss consistently. It’s important to stay in the loop and keep him updated on your progress.

Jack: “Definitely. I want to make sure we’re all on the same page following best practices for team collaboration.”

Michael: “And we need people like you to keep an eye on the details.”

Jack: “Thanks for the advice. At the end of the day, it’s all about producing high-quality work and making a difference.”

Pam: “Absolutely. This may feel like a TV set, but it’s a real community of people. Welcome aboard!”

Let’s listen to the used expressions:

#1 “Thinking outside the box” – This phrase means to think creatively or in a non-traditional way.
#2 “In the loop” – This means to be informed or included in a particular situation or discussion.
#3 “Get the ball rolling” – This phrase means to start a process or get something started.
#4 “At the end of the day” – This phrase summarizes or emphasizes a point.
#5 “Brainstorm” means generating ideas or solutions through group discussions or sessions.
#6 “Touch base” means making contact or following up with someone.
#7 “Get on the same page” – This phrase means to make sure everyone understands and agrees on a particular plan or idea.
#8 “Keep an eye on” means monitoring or watching closely.
#9 “Take it to the next level” – This phrase means improving or advancing to the next stage.
#10 “Best practice” – An officially accepted and detailed method or set of methods for use in a specific business or industry.



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