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#297 Internet Vocabulary in English part 2

#297 Internet Vocabulary in English 2

by Georgiana | SpeakEnglishPodcast.com


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Hi! I’m Georgiana, and I’m back with a new episode. I’m here to help you speak English fluently.

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Today, we will learn more internet words and practice speaking with a mini-story.

Ok, let’s start!

Online Forum:

An online forum is similar to a discussion group at the library. People gather on a website to discuss various topics, sharing their thoughts in posts and replies.


A blog is like a personal journal or a collection of articles online. Individuals or organizations regularly update them to share information and opinions.


Podcasts are like radio shows on the Internet. You can listen to them online or download them to your device.


A webinar is an online seminar or presentation where you can watch and interact with the presenter through live video and other features.


E-commerce is like an online marketplace. It involves buying and selling products or services on the Internet.


Be cautious! Phishing is when someone tricks you into sharing private stuff like your passwords or credit card details by pretending to be someone you trust.

Username and Password:

Your username and password are like keys to your online accounts. They protect your information from unauthorized access.

And now, let’s continue with a mini-story.

Mini-Story 📖
(Practice your speaking)

I will tell you a story by asking simple questions. I use this method in my premium courses because it’s highly effective.

First, I say a short sentence with facts. Then, I ask you questions. After each question, you answer. Then, I tell you the right answer. That’s how we make the story.

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You will find several levels.

Okay! Let’s start!

You are Simon Sizzle, a creative chef living in a town called Savoryville. 
Who are you? Are you Simon Pegg?
No, I am not Simon Pegg. I am Simon Sizzle.
Where do you live? In a big city?
No, I don’t live in a big city. I live in a town called Savoryville.
What do you do for a living? Are you a chief?
No, I’m not a chief. I am a chef.
What kind of chef are you?
A creative chef. I am a creative chef. My specialty is combining unusual ingredients to create unique dishes.
Where do you work as a chef in New York?
No, no, I work in a town called Savoryville.
Storyville is a charming town with delightful flavors.
Are you from a town called Savoryville?
Yes, I am from a town called Savoryville.
What is Savoryville like? Is it a boring place?
No, it’s not boring at all. Storyville is a charming town.
Is it filled with delightful flavors?
Yes. Savoryville is filled with delightful flavors that make it a very special place.
Are these flavors literal, like in food?
Yes, exactly! Savoryville’s food and cuisine offer a variety of delightful flavors, making it unique.
You run a website called “Edible Innovations,” where users can download and 3D print unique recipes. 
Do you run because you’re an athlete?
No, no, I’m not an athlete; I don’t do any exercise.
What do you run?
A website. I run a website.
How’s your website called?
“Edible Innovations.” My website is called “Edible Innovations.”
Can people order food from your website?
No, people can’t order food from my website. Instead, they can download and 3D print unique recipes from it.
The site has sections like “Instant Appetizers” and “Desserts from the Future,” but the printed food often tastes like cardboard. 
Can people find appetizers on your website?
Yes, people can find “Instant Appetizers.” 
How about desserts? Can they also find Desserts?
Yes. People can find “Desserts from the Future.”
What kind of food is this? Is this printed food?
Yes. “Instant Appetizers” and “Desserts from the Future” are printed food.
Does printed food taste good?
No. Printed food doesn’t taste good. It often tastes like cardboard.
Does the printed food often taste like cardboard?
Yes. The printed food often tastes like cardboard.
A famous movie director finds your website and uses my 3D-printed food as movie props. 
What’s new with your website?
A famous movie director uses my 3D-printed food as movie props.
A famous or notorious director?
A famous director.
Where does he use the printed food? In video games?
No, no. A famous director uses my 3D-printed food in movies.
Why does he use your 3D-printed food in movies?
It looks realistic in movies, even if it doesn’t taste good.
Your dishes become popular in the entertainment industry, earning you the nickname “Michelangelo of Movie Meals.” 
What happened after the director used your food? Did your dishes become popular?
Yes. My dishes got popular in movies.
Where did your food get popular?
In the entertainment industry. My dishes become popular in the entertainment industry.
Did you get any nickname from this?
Yes, they call me the “Michelangelo of Movie Meals.” I got this nickname because my food creations are seen as artistic in movies.
You become famous in an unexpected field, as your food is great for the camera but not for eating.
Did your website gain recognition in a conventional field?
No, no. My website gained recognition in an unexpected field.
What field did you gain recognition in?
In the entertainment industry, specifically for movie props.
Why did you gain recognition there?
Because my food looks great on camera, even though it’s not good for eating.

Well, we’re finished with our short practice.

Answering many simple questions can improve your speaking, just like talking in real life.

Today, you’ve tried a small part of this question-and-answer technique. Do you want to learn more?

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