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Hi, everybody! I am Georgiana, your English teacher and founder of My mission is to help you speak English fluently.

Do you play a musical instrument? Well, today we will learn some benefits of playing a musical instrument and whether it will also help you with learning English.

And with a mini-story, you will improve your fluency. I will tell you a story while asking many questions that you will need to answer as quickly as possible. It’s like having a conversation with another person in English.

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Ok, let’s start.

#1 You’ll be smarter

One of the great reasons to learn to play music is to increase your cognitive ability. In other words, to be smarter. Playing music is a way to activate your brain in a way that helps you with memory retention, and you can learn new things quickly.

#2 Improves your memory 

Like I just said, playing an instrument improves your memory. So learning to play an instrument can be very beneficial for those not so young, those with memory problems. 

If you never know where you leave your keys, it may be a good idea to stimulate your brain by learning to play a musical instrument.

Because learning to play music involves learning a lot of new things, your brain will become more accustomed to learning, which will make a big difference to your memory in the future.

#3 You’ll have better concentration 

Improving your musical skills forces you to use all the parts of your brain involved in concentration, making you more capable of focusing in other life situations.

#4 It builds your confidence

Do you want to feel more confident? If you can play an instrument well, it will make you feel more self-confident. Feeling comfortable playing music in front of others is essential and will extend to other aspects of your life. For example, if you get nervous about public speaking, playing an instrument in front of a crowd can be a big help.

#5 You’ll feel proud 

And not only will you feel more confident, but you will also feel proud of yourself. Because mastering a musical instrument can make you feel an enormous sense of accomplishment, this will have a substantial positive impact on your life, and you will feel happier.

#6 Improves our mood

Playing an instrument can help with stress, and depression because it acts as an outlet for difficult emotions.

It can be a way to calm down in difficult situations and a healthy distraction on a stressful day.

In short, playing an instrument has all kinds of positive benefits on our mood.

#7 It makes you creative 

And one of the most obvious benefits of learning a musical instrument is creativity. Being creative is essential for many aspects of life, and you can extend this idea to other areas, such as art, writing, or cooking. 

And finally, learning to play a musical instrument can also help you…

#8 Learn a foreign language. 

When we learn to play an instrument, we also develop our listening skills. And it has been proven that students with musical training pronounce the sounds of a second language better and pick up the relevant contrasts between the sounds of that new language. 

On the other hand, although I’m fluent in several languages, I must confess that I haven’t yet had the opportunity to play any musical instrument. However, I intend to learn to play the piano because it’s my favorite musical instrument. 

How about you? Do you know how to play an instrument? Leave me a comment on my website or social media. I would like to know if it has helped you in your English learning.

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Ok! Now it’s time for you to practice your speech with a mini-story.



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