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#186 The mystery of the Monoliths

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Hi, everybody! I am Georgiana, your English teacher and founder of My mission is to help you speak English fluently. 

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– Do you like mysteries? I do, but only when they explain what’s really going on. Today I’ll talk about mysterious metallic monoliths.

-And with a mini-story, you will improve your English fluency.

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Okay. Let’s start!

Today’s topic is about mystery. I don’t know if you’ve seen this on social media or TV. In several places around the world, some very remote metal monoliths have appeared.

Many have speculated on the subject.

Some say it is simply a viral campaign on a global scale. Perhaps from some well-

known brand. Others say that it is simply an artistic expression and that they do it this way, without saying anything, to draw attention. There are always people who claim that it is part of an alien invasion.

What do you think?

I don’t know if you remember the movie 2001. A Space Odyssey. This movie was released in 1968, and well, at the time, it was a landmark because of director Stanley Kubrick’s innovative style. In the movie, several monoliths are shown, leaving the viewer to guess their meaning. I guess whoever created these monoliths that have recently appeared was inspired by this movie.

The first monolith, was found in the Utah desert in the United States. That was last November 2020. Environmental activists removed it.

I guess they also recycled it, but it is not clear.

Since then, structures of this type have been located in different parts of the world.

One wonders what it could be. Well, now I will explain the mystery: they are not aliens. I myself have placed all these monoliths with the message: “I am Georgiana and I want to help you speak English fluently with no grammar and no textbooks.”

Well, it was not me, but it would be a great idea! 🙂

Actually, the people responsible are an artist collective called The Most Famous Artist, or so it seems. It turns out that they sell these metal monoliths for the affordable amount of $45,000.

I think that’s a lot of money, though. You know, if you want a monolith in your yard, you might want to start saving up.

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