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#167 New English Words added to the dictionary – part2


Hi, everyone! I am Georgiana, your English teacher and founder of My mission is to help you speak English fluently.

Last week we started to learn some words like YouTuber, to Facebook, to Skype, etc. Today, we will learn some new English words added to the dictionary in the last decade.

You’ll also improve your English grammar in context with a point of view lesson, like that you won’t have to memorize any boring rules.

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Let’s get started!

As I said today, we will continue learning some more of the English words added to the dictionary in the last decade.

Let’s start with the first word:

1. Crowdfunding

Introduced in June 2015.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, crowdfunding is the practice of financing a project or venture by raising money from many people who contribute a relatively small amount, usually through the Internet.

For example, a music band can use crowdfunding to produce their next album. They can ask fans to contribute $10 to the project. And in return, they will receive a copy of the album when it’s ready.

2. E-bike

Introduced in June 2019.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, an e-bike is an electric bicycle.

E-bikes are a great idea because it allows people to commute without getting to work sweaty, and you can take longer rides.

3. Router

Introduced in March 2011.

What’s a router?

router is a device that allows communication between the local home network – like the computers, smartphones, tablets, printers, etc.- and the Internet.

Every time we have internet problems, we reboot the router. It is also advisable to place the router as high up as possible and make sure no objects are too close to the device.

4. Kombucha  (kuhm-boo-chuh)

Introduced in June 2013.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, kombucha is a beverage produced by fermenting sweet tea with a culture of yeast and bacteria.

I must confess that I haven’t tried this beverage yet. But I’ve been told it’s great for digestion so, maybe I’ll give it a try in the near future.

 5. Cyber-

Introduced in December 2010.

Cyber” is a word we use to describe a person, thing or idea that is part of the computer and information age. Here are some examples: cyberculture, cyberpunk, cyberspace, cyber sales, cyber economy, cyberattack.



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