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#191 Super Short Scary Stories in English

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– Well, well… So, you’re going to make a cucumber salad.

– Not exactly. You’ll see in a while what I need them for.

Hi, everybody! I am Georgiana, your English teacher and founder of My mission is to help you speak English fluently. 

Today, in this episode…

– We’re going to continue to discover some more super short scary stories.

– Next, I’m going to do a little mini-story for you to practice fluency. Simple and effective.

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Alright. Last week we looked at some super short scary stories… Well, very short. So short that most of them can be written in a single line. 

For example, we saw this one:

“We know who you are and where you live.”

Today we are going to learn some more. As I know you are very brave, you will be able to bear it. I am also going to comment on them one by one. 

Let’s look at the first one:

“Your bank called you.”

Phew. Every time the bank calls me, they try to offer me something I don’t need: a mortgage, credit, insurance. But I suppose that, if there is a problem, they also call you.

Still, they have never called me to give me any good news.

Let’s listen to another super short scary story:

“Your mother-in-law invites you to Christmas dinner.”

Well, … I have to say that poor mothers-in-law are not so bad. Rather, they are good… At least, I think they have good intentions. However, the myth is that mothers-in-law are always meddling in your life and are very annoying. One thing is true. Mothers-in-law are usually excellent cooks.

“I saw a mouse in the office.”

A mouse! It’s not a very good sign to see mice anywhere, let alone in the office. Best not to think about it. However, it could be a computer mouse. Then it wouldn’t be so scary. 

Another scary story:

“There is a problem.”

Well… Yes, most of the time, this phrase indicates an unpleasant situation that we have to face. The worst thing is that you don’t know the problem until you are given more details.

Another one would be: “Did you hear that?”

Well, this phrase, depending on the context, can be terrifying. 

The last super short scary story:

“I don’t speak English.”

Yes, that’s a problem, especially when you urgently need to say something important in English. Imagine you are eating French fries and you need salt, but the waiter doesn’t understand you.

Okay, we’ll leave it here for now. 

Let’s continue with a mini-story.



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