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#197 Popular Idioms in English 2022

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Today, let’s learn some popular idioms in English.

And with a point of view lesson, you will learn grammar in context without memorizing any boring rules. I’ll tell you the same story from different grammar points. I can change the tense or the person. And like that, you will learn grammar in context.

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Ok. Let’s get started!

1. NO-BRAINER: this is basically an easy decision. It’s something that requires little or no mental effort.


“Do you think I should propose to my girlfriend?

That’s a no-brainer. She is such a fantastic woman!”

2. SIT ON THE FENCE: staying neutral and not taking sides.

For example, if you have two friends and they have a fight, you will try not to take sides. You’ll sit on the fence.


“Don’t you think I’m right? He hasn’t been nice to me lately, has he?

I’m sitting on the fence with this one; you’re both my good friends.”

3. FREAK OUT: to become very angry, scared, or excited.


“Mum, don’t freak out! But I have to tell you something that I did last weekend. Tom and I got married!

“Last week, my sister won the lottery, and she freaked out about it.”

4. BE A CATCH: Telling someone that others would be lucky to have them around, or even marry them.


“Dad, I’m taking Jessica out tonight. She is such a catch!”

5. COSTS AN ARM AND A LEG: when something is very expensive.

“My son wants a new computer for his birthday, but it’ll cost an arm and a leg!”

“This new smartphone cost me an arm and a leg.”

6. YOU ROCK: it means that you are great.


“I can’t believe you got the tickets for today’s game. You rock!”

That’s all for now; let’s practice these expressions in the next section.

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Now let’s learn some English grammar in context with a point of view lesson.



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