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Have you ever spent a whole weekend just relaxing and doing nothing? Just playing games or binging shows? It’s a nice break, right? But what if you did that for months or even years? Today, I’ve got a story that might shock you.

Think about someone who stays in their room all day and night, not seeing friends or family, not working or studying. Odd, right?

Well, there’s a Japanese word for this -“Hikikomori,” which means “being confined.” It’s about people who choose to stay away from society completely. This is common in Japan, but other cultures have similar ideas. People call them loners or “modern-day hermits.” Around half a million young people in Japan, and about the same number of middle-aged people, live like this.

It’s not just in Japan. Often, young people, especially guys, are really into the online world of games and social media. However, they are not afraid of going outside like people with agoraphobia. They simply prefer not to be involved in the world.

You might wonder why. I did too. Some people believe that pressure from society to do well can lead to this. Others have experienced difficult situations, such as bullying or family problems. Also, technology allows them to easily stay alone, as everything is accessible online.

Let’s continue!

Now, think about their health. Being inside constantly isn’t healthy. They might get weak or face sleep problems. Emotionally, they might feel down, unsure, or guilty.

In any case, many don’t see this as a big problem, since these people don’t often seek help. They’re content in their isolation. But there are ways to help.

In Japan, there are online communities for them. When they’re ready for help, they get therapy, medication, and social activities.

Even taking a short step outside can significantly impact you if you feel confined. The sun and fresh air can be invigorating.

Great! That’s all for now! I hope you found this topic helpful.



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