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#264 Gaslighting and Its Effects Explained – Unmasking Manipulation


Have you ever wondered if someone intended to make you doubt your own perceptions, experiences, or understanding of events? We call this gaslighting.

Today I will talk about this word that is becoming more and more popular. And with a point-of-view story, you will improve your grammar in context, without memorizing rules.

Where does “gaslighting” come from?

The word “gaslighting” comes from a play called “Gas Light.” written in 1938 by Patrick Hamilton.

In this play, a husband tries to make his wife think she is losing her mind. He does some tricky things, like secretly making the lights from gas lamps in their house dimmer, and then he tells her that she’s just imagining these changes. This play later became a movie.

Nowadays, when we say “gaslighting,” we mean when someone tries to make another person unsure about their own memory or feelings, similar to what the husband did to his wife in the story.

I’ll explain a little more about gaslighting, as it is a subtle, powerful form of manipulation intended to make you unsure of what is real.

When someone tries to make you doubt yourself, gaslighting occurs. They want to control how you think, feel, and remember things. For instance, imagine your friend insists they never said something you clearly remember them saying. Over time, this can lead you to doubt your own memories.

It’s not a one-time occurrence; instead, it’s a slow, ongoing process. This manipulation can occur in various relationships – with your family, friends, or coworkers. The individual using gaslighting intends to make you unsure about what is true and have you rely on their version of events.

You need to be able to recognize gaslighting. Look out for signs like someone denying they said something. They might also blame you or minimize your feelings. It’s like they’re trying to change your story, to make you see the world differently.

If you suspect gaslighting, it’s essential to seek support. You can talk to someone you trust, like a good friend, family member, or counselor. Sharing what you’re going through can give you a better idea of the situation and help you feel more confident again.

Always remember that your feelings and memories are valid. Gaslighting aims to make you doubt yourself, but you have the power to stand firm in your reality. By recognizing the manipulation and seeking assistance, you can protect yourself from its harmful effects.



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