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Do you love dogs? That’s wonderful because today, we’re going to learn some new idioms in English about dogs. And with a mini-story, you will learn about Mark’s success and challenges in the workplace while using these dog expressions. It’s gonna be fun! You’ll see!

Hi, everyone! Thanks for joining me for a new episode. I’m Georgiana, your English teacher. And I’m here to help you speak English fluently.

Let’s start!

Our first idiom is Barking up the wrong tree. Imagine you’re trying to find your lost keys, and you start looking under the couch.

But, oops! The keys were actually on the kitchen counter. That’s when you’ve been barking up the wrong tree – focusing your efforts in the wrong direction. So, remember, when you’re searching for something, make sure you’re not barking up the wrong tree!

Now, let’s continue with the expression Let sleeping dogs lie. Imagine you have a sleepy dog who’s all cozy on the couch. You know, if you wake them up, they might get grumpy. This idiom means sometimes it’s best to leave things as they are and not stir up trouble. Just like you wouldn’t want to wake a sleeping dog, it’s often better to let certain situations be.

Every dog has its day is our following idiom. This means that everyone gets a chance to shine or succeed. Just like even the quietest dog might have a day when they’re the center of attention, you, too, will have your moment to succeed and be recognized. Moving on, we have the Dog-eat-dog world. This expression paints a picture of a competitive and ruthless environment where everyone tries to get ahead. It’s like a pack of dogs all fighting for the same bone.

Let’s continue!

If you’re In the doghouse, it means you’re in trouble or someone’s upset with you. Imagine you forgot your friend’s birthday – you might be in the doghouse for a while. But, with a little effort, you can always mend fences and get out of that “doghouse.”

Have you ever been Sick as a dog? This idiom describes feeling extremely ill. Maybe you’ve caught a cold that makes you feel just as miserable as a sick pup. Rest and medicine are your best friends when you’re as sick as a dog!

Dog Days is up next. This expression refers to the hottest summer days, when it’s so hot that even dogs prefer to stay indoors. So, during the dog days, make sure to stay hydrated and keep cool.




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