#267 Dog idioms in English part2


Today, we’re continuing our journey of expressions inspired by man’s best friend: the dog. And with a fun point-of-view story, you will improve your grammar in context.

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Our first phrase is dogged determination. When someone shows dogged determination, they’re incredibly persistent, not giving up easily. It’s like a dog who won’t let go of its favorite toy.

Next, we have ‘the hair of the dog.’ This means taking a bit of alcohol to ease a hangover. It’s a humorous way to suggest that a little of what caused your problem might help solve it.

Moving on, a dog in the manger is an expression for someone who doesn’t want others to enjoy something they don’t need or use.

And then there’s the saying, ‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.’ It suggests that teaching someone new things is challenging, especially if they’re set in their ways. However, never let that stop you from learning!

Let’s continue!

Ever been so exhausted you can barely stand? That’s being dog-tired.

If everything is a mess, you’d say it’s a dog’s breakfast or a dog’s dinner. For instance, you are trying to bake a cake and ending up with flour all over the kitchen!

Sometimes, people feel they’re dogged by bad luck, meaning they feel misfortune is constantly following them.

On a fun note, dog and bone is playful rhyming slang for ‘phone.’ So, if you’re chatting on your dog and bone, you’re on your phone!

If you can’t finish your meal, you might ask for a doggie bag to take the leftovers home when dining out.

And dog watch? The phrase for people who work at sea refers to a brief period of duty on a boat.

When someone says they’re leading a dog’s life, it expresses having a tough or miserable time.

I hope you’re not having a miserable time but are enjoying listening to this show.




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