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#272 Be more positive when learning English


Hi! I’m Georgiana. Thanks for joining me for another episode of the podcast. My mission is to help you improve your fluency.

Learning English can be enjoyable and useful but also challenging. You might experience frustration or have doubtful or negative thoughts.

For instance, you might believe, “I can’t speak English fluently,” but a more positive way to approach it is, “I’m improving my English every day.” 

It’s crucial to know that negative thoughts can slow down progress. In this episode, we will explore ways to change these thoughts and motivate you.

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Ok. Let’s start!

First, you’ll need to spot negative thoughts when they happen. These might involve doubting your abilities or fearing making mistakes.

Keeping a journal to write down these ideas as they come up can help you understand when and why they happen.

Think, “Age doesn’t stop me from learning,” instead of, “I’m too old to learn a new language.” Or, remember that “Mistakes help me learn” when you catch yourself thinking, “I keep making mistakes when I speak English.”

After you spot negative ideas, take a moment to question if they’re really true or not.

Reflect on these questions:

  • Can I prove this idea, or is it just a feeling?
  • Have I dealt with similar issues before?
  • Am I being too hard on myself?

Asking these questions helps you think more logically. For instance, instead of believing “I’ll never speak English perfectly,” consider “Learning a new language takes time and practice, but I can get better with persistence.”

Set Realistic Goals 

Setting achievable goals in language learning can fight negative thinking. Instead of aiming for perfection right away, establish smaller, step-by-step objectives.

Picture yourself succeeding every day. See yourself confidently engaging in English conversations and handling different communication situations. This mental image will boost your confidence and keep you motivated.




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