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#094 American vs British vocabulary differences #2


Hi, everybody! I’m Georgiana, your online English teacher and founder of

My mission is to help you to speak English fluently.

We all know that American and British English sound different most of the time. But did you know there is also a difference in vocabulary? 

That’s right.  There are spelling, vocabulary, and even specific grammar differences between the two.

Last week we started with a series of vocabulary differences between American and British English. Today we will continue this series, if you didn’t listen to last week’s episode, you might want to do so right now. 

And with a point-of-view story, you’re gonna compare the different grammar points. It’s the perfect way to learn grammar and new vocabulary without memorizing.

Ok! Let’s start!

I’m going to tell you a word in American English, and I’ll ask you to guess what would be the equivalent word in British English.


In American English, we use the word truck when we refer to a large, heavy road vehicle used for carrying goods, materials, or troops.

Can you guess the equivalent in British?

Yes! In the United Kingdom, people use the word lorry.


British- lorry

2)After washing the dishes, we use a dish towel to dry the dishes.

Can you guess which word is used in British English?

That’s right. People call it “tea towel” or “tea cloth” in the UK.

American-dish towel

British- tea towel or tea cloth

3) In the States, people live in an apartment.

Do you know the word in British English?

Yes. That’s right. In British, they use the word flat.

British- flat



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  1. Andalla Juma

    It’s a very powerful way to get learning.

  2. Mojtaba Reyhani

    I really love your method so much , Point of view story is amazing and ofcourse, quite efficient.


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