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#122 Global Pandemic – Things to do during the lockdown


Hi everyone! I am Georgiana, founder of My mission is to help you speak English fluently.

Hi! How are you? Given the circumstances, I’m fine.

I hope it’s the same with you too.

As you know, there is currently a pandemic affecting us globally. And in the previous episode, I talked about the recommendations of the authorities.

Today I want to make some personal suggestions on how to spend time during confinement. And with a fun mini-story, you can practice your spoken English.

You’ll see. It’s very effective. By answering many questions, you can practice and improve your speech, just like in a real conversation.

If you haven’t listened to the last week’s episode yet, visit my website and search for episode #121.

Let’s start!

How to cope with this situation? What to do during the confinement?

While staying informed is very important, it is better to take a break from time to time. It’s not a good idea to always be watching the news, and especially on social media. In any case, hearing about the pandemic repeatedly can be disturbing.

Take care of your body.

Although you can’t go for a walk like you used to, I suggest you at least stretch a bit. If you’re like me and you like pilates or yoga, this would be an excellent time to do some exercises. Also, if you have a stationary bike or a stepper, they will become your best friends.

In general, make sure you take care of your body. Eating healthy and doing some exercise will help you think clearly and thus, cope much better with this situation.

Communication is more important than ever

Call your friends and family, and spend some time talking to them and not just about the pandemic. In the last few weeks, I’m spending more time than ever talking to my friends, even the ones I only talk to at Christmas.

Everybody feels like talking lately. Yesterday I went to take the dog for a short walk, and all my neighbors said hello, and I’m sure some of them weren’t even my neighbors, which doesn’t usually happen. I’m used to seeing people checking their cell phones, but lately, everyone wants to walk and talk. 

Remain positive

When faced with significant challenges, especially if they are unexpected, it’s very easy to become discouraged. 

But I don’t recommend it because it will only make you feel overwhelmed. 

Whenever there is an obstacle, try to see it as an opportunity to grow. It’s a chance to become a stronger human being, to be resilient.

Yes. Resilient. It’s when you need to recover quickly from difficult conditions. 

Avoid any stimulants.

In these situations, avoid taking any stimulants. And coffee is one of them. You’ll have to drink infusions or water for a while. Keeping yourself hydrated will always help you feel better.

Make jokes and laugh. 

Something happens to me when I get nervous. I start giggling, but unintentionally. I know it seems weird, but it’s not just because I have a great sense of humor. It turns out that laughter releases hormones that calm you down and allow you to be in control.  

Get some rest

Take all the time you need to relax and stop thinking about the problems. 

I try to get some extra sleep in these circumstances. After I rest, I get my strength back, and I can see things from another perspective. I see things more clearly.

Not getting enough sleep will not only damage your health, but you won’t be able to think clearly. And it’s tough to stay calm when you can’t think clearly.

If you can’t sit still, you can stretch a bit, read a book or watch a movie. Whatever you choose.

I hope this lesson will be useful for learning English, above all. I also wanted to help you get through the confinement.

Let’s continue with a fun mini-story.


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  1. Ho ha

    I really like your nice accent. When I have spare time, I would like to listen your audio on spotify. I’m afraid of that I only understand your voice. But I still can not speak fluently as you said, learning without notebook.

  2. María Concepción Torres

    Thank you, Georgiana.
    I am a begginer in your method, and I am very optimistic it will help me to speak without fear and shyness. I am at Day 5.
    Thank you also for your advices about the pandemia.

    I hope you stay happy and healthy.


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