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Hello, everybody! I am Georgiana, founder of SpeakEnglishPodcast.com. I want to help you speak English fluently, speaking English is easier than it looks! You just have to use the right material and techniques.

In today’s lesson, let’s talk about kinship. That’s to say, the relationship between the different members of a family.

Then, through a mini-story lesson, you’ll practice vocabulary and of course your fluency. I’ll use the question and answer technique to get you involved in the conversation.

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Well, today we’re gonna talk about family, and in particular kinship. Kinship is what we call the relationship between two people from the same family – for example, father, son, etc.

Well, on this subject, I have a confession to make. Sometimes I also get confused with the kinship of my own family, especially for distant relatives. A relative is a member of your family, by the way. It can be a bit complicated, but it’s not a language issue. It’s about always wanting to define what relationship you have with someone else in your family, especially if you come from a large family.

Today you’re gonna learn the most fundamental kinship. I recommend that you listen to this episode several times to better understand and consolidate.

I’ll give an example of a family and name each member. It’ll be easier that way.

And make sure you read the text. I’ve added a simple family tree graphic with the names of the family members.


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