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#177 Learning English during the summer vacation (rep)

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Hi, everybody! I am Georgiana, your English teacher and founder of My mission is to help you speak English fluently. Today, I’m going to show you how you can improve your English-speaking skills during the summer. 

Later, we’re going to practice listening and speaking with a funny mini-story. 

Let’s get started!

Summer is here, and it seems like everyone has planned their holidays already.

But how about you?

Have you thought about improving your English during the summer holidays?

If you still don’t have a plan. Don’t worry. I have some ideas.

In fact, it’s really simple. All you need this summer is your cell phone to listen to my Speak English Now Podcast or my English premium courses. Now I’d like to suggest some places you could spend your summer holiday, especially if you’re on a tiny budget.

Find an air-conditioned coffee shop in your neighborhood.
Enjoy your drink while you listen to your favorite English show. 

Go to the mall or fast food restaurants

It’s the perfect environment where you can listen to some English lessons. Perhaps you won’t be 100% focused on what you’re listening to, though, you’ll still be learning a lot. 

I’m telling you this because I enjoy going to the local mall, especially in summer and winter. It’s usually quiet; there’s free AC. (air conditioning) and I often carry around my laptop. Spending time away from my desk helps me to concentrate better. 

But it’s not all about drinking coffee and shopping. Just like me, you might consider going to the gym more often! Where I live, it’s almost impossible to enjoy any outdoor activities in summer. Also, when you’re at the gym, try listening to your favorite English lessons. You’ll love it!

Ok, last but not least: You need to relax. Go to the beach. Not only to get a nice tan but also to take your English to the next level. 


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  1. luis

    you are very good teacher.
    I am learning english whit you
    your English is very understandable.
    greetings and thanks.

  2. Keshiana

    Wow this is so helpful!


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With Georgiana’s method  I have started speaking English from minute one and this is exactly what I needed. With the traditional method you will practice grammar, grammar and grammar, but with Georgiana’s method you will practice listening and speaking and in my opinion this is the most important thing when you are learning a new language. Ricardo

“Thanks to Georgiana, I have lost my fear of speaking English. I have eliminated my frustration and started to enjoy this language.” Miriam

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