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Hi! I’m Georgiana, your English teacher. Thank you for joining me for another episode.

Today you will learn new idioms in
 with MONEY. I will teach you some English expressions related to money. And with a point-of-view story, you will learn grammar without memorizing any boring rules.

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Ok! Let’s start!

Depending on the culture, people talk about money or get really uncomfortable when someone brings up this subject. However, everybody needs money nowadays, so today, we will learn expressions about money because “money makes the world go round.”

When something “makes the world go round,” it is extremely important. But not only money makes the world go round; love also makes the world go round. However, love without money can get really complicated sometimes.

Anyway, I’m digressing. Today, I’d like you to learn some English expressions about money.

Let’s start!

#1. Bring Home the Bacon 

You may be thinking I’m hungry. But although this expression may seem unusual, we use it to talk about money.

It means earning money so that a family can get by. 


“I have to work day and night to support my family. Someone’s got to bring home the bacon.”

#2. Time is Money 

We use this expression to emphasize that you should use your time wisely because you could use it to earn money.


“I’ve been waiting for the delivery guy all day, but I can’t sit around any longer. Time is money.”

#3. Break the Bank 

There is no need to break anything. We use this expression to say that something costs too much money.


“That coat is way too expensive. It will break the bank!”

#4. Quick Buck (Fast Buck)

These expressions refer to money earned easily or quickly and, on some occasions, may indicate that someone wants to earn money dishonestly.


“You can make a quick buck by selling your coin collection.”



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