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Hi everyone! I’m Georgiana; founder of SpeakEnglishPodcast.com. My mission is to help YOU speak English fluently.

  • Today I’ll talk about the connectors, those words that help us to better structure what we say.
  • Next, of course, we’ll practice with an exclusive lesson from the point of view story.

I’ll just go ahead and start talking about connectors. But don’t worry, I’m not gonna give any grammatical theory here 🙂 As usual, I’ll give you some examples, and then you’ll practice the connectors in context with the point of view story.

Connectors are merely words that help structure what you say or write.

Only by using a few connectors, you can significantly improve your fluency and expressivity

Let’s take a look at some of the best-known connectors:

When we want to add something, we use words like BESIDES, ALSO and MOREOVER.

For example:

“I don’t want to go to the movies. Besides, it’s late now.”

“I want a cake and an ice cream also.”

“He didn’t like the birthday party. Moreover, he had to cancel his romantic date.”


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