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Hi, everybody! I am Georgiana, your English teacher and founder of My mission is to help you speak English fluently.

Today, in this episode

Let’s look at some bad strategies and attitudes that don’t quite work in conversation. I mean, like having awkward conversations.

Next, you’ll practice your fluency with a mini-story lesson—the best way to learn to speak English without translating mentally.

Okay, let’s start with an important question:

Do you think that you are too old to learn English?

I have always thought that it is never too late to learn a language, and I have always had students of all ages using my method successfully.

But a few days ago, I received an email from a student in Greece, saying something like this:

Dear Georgiana, hello,

I’m delighted to see your programs.

I think you give your soul to every lesson.

My mother tongue is Greek, and I am proud because our language has a positive contribution to the English vocabulary.

I’m also proud that I try to improve my English even though I’m 94 years old.

Georgiana, I encourage you to continue with your English lessons.

I admire you!


Thank you, dear Erotokritos, for your kind words. You are an inspiration for all of us.

So, you see, I think I’ve made my point. It’s never too late to learn English.

All right, have you ever been with someone and not know what to talk about? It’s happened to me sometimes. Every once in a while, we run into situations where it’s difficult to continue the conversation.

One example is what happens in an elevator. Imagine that you meet a neighbor you hardly know, and a typical dialogue ends up going like this:

—Good morning.

—Good morning.

—Going down?


— …

— It’s cold today, isn’t it?

— Yes, yes. It’s going to be like this all week, they say…

— …

As you can see, this conversation is not very intellectual. It’s more about avoiding silence, which can be uncomfortable.

This doesn’t just happen in elevators but in all kinds of social interactions. I read recently that a silence of four seconds or more triggers anxiety.

It doesn’t get any better when you have to speak in a language you are learning. You have even fewer resources to express yourself.


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