Welcome to the Speak English Now Podcast, your resource for practicing your English speaking and listening. You will also learn about lifestyle and culture, language, vocabulary, and how to learn English more effectively.

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How will my Podcast help you to improve your English?


Hi everyone!

I’m Georgiana; founder of SpeakEnglishPodcast.com. My mission is to help YOU speak English fluently.

I’m extremely excited because you’re listening to my first episode of the Speak English Now podcast.

To be honest, I’m aware that there are many podcasts about learning English, so, maybe you’re asking yourself right now, what’s different about this podcast?

Well, that’s a fair question.

There are many areas in English you can improve, but my main focus, my mission, is to help you to SPEAK English fluently.

I’d like to repeat that: My mission is to help you to SPEAK English fluently.

If you need to improve other areas, like writing or formal grammar, I suggest you find another content. But if you truly want to get better at speaking, this is your podcast. In the first part, I’ll talk about a certain topic. Topics may be:

Lifestyle and culture: When you’re learning a foreign language, it’s extremely important to have the necessary context to understand a conversation. The more you know about the lifestyle and culture, the better you’ll understand conversations in English.

  • Language: Here, I talk about some parts of the language that can be tricky (this means difficult). A little bit of explanation can help – for example, the conditionals.
  • Vocabulary: Although you can learn a lot of vocabulary by listening and reading, it’s sometimes good to see specific vocabulary like traveling, technology, etc. Of course, I don’t forget phrasal verbs.
  • Advice: I’ll help you to become an independent learner, and I will guide you through this process. Some episodes will be about things you need to know to learn English more effectively. For example, benefits of repeated listening, or, how to choose the level of the materials, etc. And don’t worry; I’ll make it easy for you to understand and you’ll find it incredibly useful. And because it’s important that you have the text of the audio, I’ll be writing the transcript of each episode, and it’ll be available for you.

Get the transcript in pdf here.


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