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#059 The Benefits of listening and reading in English


Listen to a new episode of Speak English Now Podcast, your favorite material for practicing your spoken and heard English. You will also learn about lifestyle and culture, language, vocabulary and how to improve your English more effectively.


Hi, everyone! I’m Georgiana, your online English teacher. My mission is to help you to speak English fluently. Speaking English is way easier when you use the right material and techniques.

  • In the first part of this lesson, I’ll talk about punctuality. 
  • In the second part, you will practice your spoken English with a mini-story.
  • And in the last section, I’ll mention the benefits of reading and listening.

“Hi, are we meeting at 5:00 p.m. to go to the movies? “
“Yes, of course! No problem. “
“I’ll see you then at 5 pm, sharp! Just be punctual this time! The movie starts on time.”

This would be a typical conversation between two friends. Unfortunately, for some people, punctuality is something, let’s say, flexible. I particularly like to be very punctual, and if I meet a friend, I always arrive a few minutes early.

Punctuality: It’s when we arrive somewhere on time.
Someone unpunctual doesn’t arrive on time.
Sharp means exactly on time. 

If you hang out with friends, it’s ok if you’re 5 minutes late. It’s best to arrive exactly on time, but very few people arrive exactly on time. Besides, it’s not the same, whether someone is waiting for you outdoors or in a coffee shop. Of course, if you have a meeting with a client, or it is business-related, it’s better to be punctual.


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  1. Imran Poeres

    Haii founder..im really intresting to know more learn english by your course. because i want to improve my spoken english. so please help me to get this course. how i can do??


      Hi Imran, you can learn more about how my courses work if you start with my free video course. I guide you step by step how to speak English fluency using my method: https://Method.SpeakEnglishPod.com

  2. Kawthar

    Useful episode


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With Georgiana’s method  I have started speaking English from minute one and this is exactly what I needed. With the traditional method you will practice grammar, grammar and grammar, but with Georgiana’s method you will practice listening and speaking and in my opinion this is the most important thing when you are learning a new language. Ricardo

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