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#060 Going to the Supermarket in English

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Hi, everyone! I’m Georgiana, your online English teacher. My mission is to help you to speak English fluently.

  • Are you a spender? Today I’m gonna talk about the tricks that supermarkets use to make you buy more than necessary. 
  • You’ll also improve your speaking with a funny mini-story.

Ok! Let’s start!

When you leave the supermarket, have you ever wondered why you spent more money than you originally planned?

I do 🙂 If it happens to you, you may think that you don’t know how to manage money, that you are a spender, or simply that you don’t have enough discipline, but don’t worry because supermarkets follow a whole series of very powerful marketing strategies that induce the buyer to buy, so don’t feel too guilty 🙂

By the way, a spender is someone who spends money unnecessarily. And another interesting expression: “overspending,” which means spending more than planned or necessary. 

These supermarket strategies can simply be called tricks. The truth is that supermarkets have more tricks than a magician.

Let’s take a look at a few of them, and learn some vocabulary on the subject.

Get the transcript in PDF here.


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  1. Phạm Duy Quy

    Thanks for your course. This course really usefull with me. Thank you so much.

  2. Deepu singh

    Your english channel is very awesome because and your lessons my english will be advance level as well.


    Thank you for your lessons and your methods, they allow me to speak English fluently and confidently in a short period. thank you very much


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