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Hi everyone! I’m Georgiana; founder of SpeakEnglishPod.com. My mission is to help YOU speak English fluently.

  • Today I’ll help you to learn new food vocabulary, and I’ll give you some tips on how to eat healthier when we’re eating out.
  • Later you’ll practice speaking with a funny mini story with questions and answers.

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Great! Let’s get started!

Eating out can be a pleasure: someone else cooks for you and brings the hot food to your table, while you have fun with friends or family.

On average, Americans eat out about five times a week.

Sadly, when we eat out, we tend to exaggerate. Curiously some people are self-conscious about what they eat when they’re at home, but when they go out, they forget about the consequences.

The other day I listened to a funny joke. A woman was ordering a slice of cake, and when she was asked if she wanted to take away or eat at the coffee shop; she said that she would prefer eating at the coffee shop because at home she was on a diet!!

If we don’t order the food wisely, we’ll have to face the sad consequences. You’ll probably need to buy new clothes again, and who wants to spend money on new clothes? I certainly don’t want that!

So, before you order, examine the menu and pay close attention to foods which are high in fat, sugar, and calories. You want to avoid foods that are creamy, crisp, fried, or breaded.

Instead of choosing this type of dishes, you may want to opt for grilled or steamed foods. This is usually a healthier cooking method.


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