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#063 Ordering Coffee in English (like a New Yorker)

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Hi, everyone! I’m Georgiana, founder of

My mission is to help you to speak English fluently. Speaking English is easier than you think. You just need to use the right methods.

In today’s lesson, I’ll teach you how to order coffee like a New Yorker, and with a funny mini-story, you’ll improve your fluency in English. In the last part of the lesson, I’ll remind you how to activate your English vocabulary.

Ok! Let’s start!

With so many options available these days, it’s hard to decide what kind of coffee to drink, and it can even seem a little intimidating. Being familiar with these basic words and phrases will help you order with confidence, and order something you really like!

Start by deciding if you want a milk-based or black coffee. If you are lactose intolerant, on a diet, or you simply don’t like milk, go for black coffee.

Choose the strength as well as any extras you want. Finally, tell the barista or waiter if you want your drink hot or iced, as well as the size you want. You’ll see how soon you’ll be ordering coffee just like a pro.

When choosing your size, keep in mind that coffee shops are not always consistent in the terms they use for small, medium, and large coffees. A “small” in one coffee shop can be a “tall” in another and a “single” and so on. So ask your waiter to explain your store’s lingo if you’re not sure.

Add extra shots, if you like. Your waiter will be happy to add an extra shot to your coffee. This can make your drink tastier and richer in caffeine.  Just tell your bartender that you want a “three-shot latte,” for example.


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      Hi dear student!

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      Hi, Issam! I’m really happy to know that I can help! Have a good day!

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      That’s awesome Angelica!! I’m so happy that you’re enjoying the lessons! Have a nice day!


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