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Hi, everyone!

I’m Georgiana, founder of SpeakEnglishPodcast.com.
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  • In this episode, I’ll talk about going out at night. I’ll point out the most emblematic places where you can hang out in New York City at night, and I’ll teach you how to order a drink!
  • I’ve also prepared a Point of View story so you can practice your grammar and vocabulary.

I’m not sure if you have noticed, but today you’re listening to episode #050 of the Speak English Now Podcast. It may not sound like a big deal to you, but in approximately one year, I’ve posted 680 minutes of free material!! And it’s available on iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, Youtube, etc.

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Let’s start the lesson. Today’s gonna be fun!

It’s Friday night, you call your friends and ask them: What are we doing tonight? And they say: Let’s go party! Or Let’s go clubbing!

The expression “Let’s go party” doesn’t mean going to a specific “party,” but simply going out. Usually, it means going to clubs or music pubs.

People in their 20s and 30s usually have a drink in a bar first and then go to a club. Clubs are often pricey, and you don’t just have to pay for the drinks. You’ll also need to pay for the club admission, which is also expensive.

Now let me tell you where to go out at night in New York. I’ll suggest different locations:

For instance, if you wanna party in Manhattan surrounded by fashion models, celebrities, professional athletes, and musicians, visit one of the city’s exclusive nightclubs.  It can be difficult to get into these places, but it’s definitely not impossible.


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