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Hi, Everyone!

I’m Georgiana, founder of SpeakEnglishPodcast.com. My mission is to help YOU speak English fluently.

In this episode:

I’ll talk about passive vocabulary, and I’ll focus on the difference between active and passive vocabulary.
After that, we’ll simulate a conversation with the Question & Answer technique.

OK, let’s start!

Like I’ve just mentioned earlier, in this episode, I’d like to focus on the passive vocabulary.

There are two kinds of vocabularies that we all acquire in time, no matter whether it’s your native language or a foreign language.

The first and more obvious one is active vocabulary. These are the words we use when we speak or write.

On the other hand, there’s passive vocabulary. And these are all the words we understand when we read or listen.

Let me make myself clear: You fully understand the meaning of these words; you don’t just guess their meaning when you read or listen. However, you can’t use them in a conversation.

It’s complicated to use the passive vocabulary when you speak because understanding the words just isn’t enough. You’ll need to listen and read these words several times before they become part of your active vocabulary.

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