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Today we are going to talk about phrasal verbs with the verb give. Many of you have asked for a new phrasal verbs episode, so I am sure that you are excited about it. Apparently, everyone wants to learn new phrasal verbs.

And with mini-story, you will improve your fluency. I will ask you many questions that you will need to answer right away. It’s like speaking English with another person.

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Ok, let’s get started!

#1 To give something away

It means to give something for free as a gift or donation.


“They give away a free chocolate bar for every $100 you spend in the supermarket.”

“Tina gave her old clothes away when she lost weight.”

#2 To give oneself or somebody else away

It means to show where somebody is or what they are doing when they are trying to keep this a secret. Or to unintentionally reveal something about yourself that you don’t want anyone to know. In short, to give somebody away means to betray them.


“Mia smiled, but her voice gave her away.”

“Tom gave away classified information to the competition.”

#3 To give in

 It means to accept that you are defeated, to surrender. Or, in some cases, to give in means to finally agree to what someone wants after refusing for some time.


“After being surrounded, the enemy gave in.”

“My son insisted so much that I buy a cell phone, I finally gave in.”

#4 To give out 

We use this phrasal verb to say that something stops working correctly or becomes weak.


“After running for 30 minutes, my legs finally gave out.”

“The students wouldn’t listen, so his patience finally gave out.”

#5 To give something over to somebody 

It means to give responsibility for something to somebody.


 “Our boss gave most of his work over to his assistant.”

“The assistant gave herself over completely to her work.”

#6 To give up

This phrasal verb means to stop trying to do something, to surrender.


“Because of health problems, he was forced to give up his job.”

“Everybody knows my mom never gives up.”

#7 To give somebody up

It means to allow someone to be captured by the police.

Or surrender oneself to the police.


“When he was surrounded, the criminal gave himself up.”

“The private detective gave the criminal up to the police.”

“She remorsefully gave herself up to the police.”

Let’s listen to the phrasal verbs we learned today:

Give something away

Give someone away

Give in 

Give out 

Give up

Give somebody up

Give something over to somebody 

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