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With teacher Georgiana since 2011.

#006 English Phrasal Verbs with mini-stories


Hi everyone!

I’m Georgiana; founder of SpeakEnglishPod.com. My mission is to help YOU speak English fluently.

In this episode:

  • I’ll be discussing some of the most common phrasal verbs.
  • After that, I will tell you a mini-story, using the Question & Answer technique. This mini-story will help you develop your speaking skills. We’ll practice phrasal verbs here.

Ok, let’s get started!

Most English students tend to get over-concerned about how to learn the phrasal verbs. A phrasal verb is just a verb and a particle. For example, “get in.”

There are thousands of phrasal verbs. Sometimes they may be confusing and counterintuitive.

Also, each phrasal verb can have multiple meanings.

Ok, this scenario doesn’t seem like very encouraging, and the million-dollar question is: How can I learn all those phrasal verbs?

Here’s the good news: You just need to learn the most common ones. In other words, what people use most of the time.

Ok, so let’s see some of the most common phrasal verbs, and later on, we’ll practice them in a mini-story.

Get the transcript in PDF here.


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  1. Muhammad Khalifah

    Im start to love this lesson. Hope i can speak english fluently one find day.

      • Sarwar Kethelic Jesus

        I wanna be a fluent English speaker.

    • Essy

      To be honest i always was afraid of frasal verbs but now after listening your episodes about these verbs I have no any worry and I’m sure I can learn more common or it.thanks

  2. Amboise norejeune

    Thanks so much teacher for your hard work thank a lot


      You’re welcome dear Amboise!

  3. Bhupender Punia

    Thanks alot mam…you are really working hard for us.My wish you get everything as you want.

  4. wooyeon

    I have studied spoken English by your podcast. I’ve never experienced English study fun before listening this podcast! Very thank you teacher ♥ . I will be fluent in English and help other people who cannot spaek English well.


      Hi dear student! Keep up the good work! You’ll see how my lessons will help you to speak English fluently!

  5. Paulo

    Hello Georgiana, I’m Paulo from Brasil.
    Since I started to listen to your courses, I’d great improved in my English, but I continue to listen a lot almost every day.
    Thanks so much for your help!


      That’s wonderful Paulo!! Thanks for writing!

  6. Heidi

    Hi Georgiana,
    I would like to listen to the others audios..

  7. Amir


  8. Pedro

    Hi Miss, Mi nombre es Pedro, soy estudiante de sus podcasts, tengo una duda con respecto a la palabra counterintuitive, no logro averiguar cual es el significado correcto, si me puede ayudar por favor, saludos.

    • Simon Lopez

      Counterintuitive means contraproducente o contradictorio depending on the context. I hope I could help


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With Georgiana’s method  I have started speaking English from minute one and this is exactly what I needed. With the traditional method you will practice grammar, grammar and grammar, but with Georgiana’s method you will practice listening and speaking and in my opinion this is the most important thing when you are learning a new language. Ricardo

“Thanks to Georgiana, I have lost my fear of speaking English. I have eliminated my frustration and started to enjoy this language.” Miriam

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