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#007 Have you Stopped Improving your English?


Hi everyone!

I’m Georgiana; founder of SpeakEnglishPodcast.com. My mission is to help YOU speak English fluently.

In this episode:

  • I’ll talk about plateaus when learning English.
  • After that, we learn grammar intuitively with a Point of View short lesson.

Ok, let’s get started!

Today, I am going to talk about a very interesting topic. Plateaus when learning English.

Ok, so…what is a plateau? A plateau occurs when you stop your progress despite continuing to do “all the right things”. An interesting expression for this situation is: to hit a plateau. For example:

It seems I hit a plateau because I can’t see any progress with my English, and I’m still studying really hard!

More literally, a plateau is a large flat area of land. This definition makes total sense because if you are walking on a plateau, you are not going up or down. You stay at the same height.

Plateaus are very common not only in learning a new language but in other areas. For example, a very common one: losing weight. Imagine someone who has been following a diet and has lost some weight. But then, after two months, the lost weight stops, and it stops for a certain time. He or she keeps following the diet, but weight is the same.

The main problem here is not the diet. It’s just that the body needs some time before starting losing weight again. It has to adapt to the new situation.


Get the transcript in PDF here.


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  1. Erivaldo moreira

    thank you for keeping me learning English

  2. Amboise norejeune

    Thank you teacher You’re my best help thank you a lot


      I’m happy to know that I can help dear Amboise!

      • Chimeddulam

        Thank you so much teacher. I glad to connect you

  3. Igor

    Hi Georgiana,
    You became my best friend in the last days…. Just to you know!!

  4. Boutheina

    Thank you teacher I’m from Algeria I’m improving my english level since I started heard your podcasts


    Thank you very much for encouraging

  6. Daniela Zanfolin Monteiro

    Thanks! The lesson really helped me understand how my brain works. Now, I believe in my capability to learn English. I see my progress day after day.

    • Asrudin

      Thank you teacher. I hope the best for you, God bless you


    Hi Georgiana.
    Thanks for your lessons .
    Now I am on a plateau and I try hit it,but I didn’t do it yet .
    I hope it take time and follow your suggestions I hit plateau.

  8. Campos

    This video helped me a lot, I was thinking of giving up.

    After studying this class, I saw that my English is better. This technique is amazing

    I will improve my english

  9. Kamal Ahmed Mashaly

    Thank you so much 💓


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