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#055 Express Moods and Feelings in English- part II

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Hello, everybody! I am Georgiana your online English teacher, founder of My mission is to help you speak English fluently. Speaking English is easier than it seems! You just have to use the right material and techniques.

In today’s episode, I’ll talk again about how to express moods in English, and you’ll learn more expressions.

Then, through a lesson of a point of view story, let’s practice the vocabulary.

Before we go any further, I’d like to thank you for listening. I have also learned languages, and I can identify with you and your goals, so I want to help you.

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All right, let’s get started.

Let’s continue with the moods and words we can use to express how we feel.

In the previous episode of this podcast, we saw these words:

Sad, morose, desolate, devastated;

happy, elated, exultant, thrilled, ecstatic;

Boring, entertaining, amusing;

Mad, angry, upset, annoyed, pissed off;

Nervous, anxious, relaxed.


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  1. Rohit Dadhwal

    Thank you once again for this wonderful lesson Georgiana. Really I learnt lot of new words in this lesson as well as for previous one also. Before listening and watching your lessons I was so anxious and pessimistic how I will learn. But after listening you I feel more confident. Really the way you teaches you encourage me and it gives good spirit. I am very optimistic and exultant about your upcoming lessons.

  2. Alex

    Great post!

  3. Min

    Hi teacher, Haven’t heard you for 2 weeks. Your way of speaking and idea of topics are quite addicted to me every weeks. Looking fwd to hearing soon. Thanks for all your efforts that improve my english very quickly.

    • Erivaldo

      Why doesn’t she appear?


        There will be new episodes in two weeks. I already announced that I would be on holidays until the second week of September.

  4. Agnieszka

    Hi Georgiana, thank you very very much for this lesson and also for the rest. I learned a many new words. You speak slowly and I can understand a big part of your lessons.


      I’m very happy that my lessons are helping you with your English. Cheers!


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