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Hi, dear students! I’m Georgiana, founder of SpeakEnglishPodcast.com. My mission is to help you to speak English fluently. Speaking English is way easier when you use the right material and techniques.

Although we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day this time of the year, I think that as Christmas approaches, many of us spend more time with our partners. So today, I want to introduce some funny but useful compliments that will make your significant other feel special.
There are all kinds of compliments: good, bad, original, ordinary, or funny ones. If you still don’t know what they are, don’t worry because I’ll explain it to you.

Next, we will practice fluency with a mini-story on a very special competition related to today’s topic.

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As I said, today I’m going to talk about compliments, but first, let’s define what they are. A compliment is basically a brief comment on an attribute or quality of a person. There are many types, and perhaps it is more common to say a compliment to a woman, although I think nowadays there are more and more women who compliment men.

I have to say some compliments are tasteless. That is to say, they are rude and instead create the opposite sense of what is intended.

My intention in this episode is to analyze some compliments I find to be especially witty or funny. Well, let’s see the first one:

#1 “I don’t have a favorite color. It’s pretty much whatever you are wearing.”
This is beautiful, and you can use it to congratulate a woman you’re already dating. Let her know that you have noticed the color of her dress. Many women love it when our partners pay attention to what we’re wearing.

#2 “I can’t take my eyes off of you. Unless you notice me, then I’ll quickly look away and act like it never happened.”Sometimes at the beginning of a relationship, you start doing silly things you’ve never done before. Although it may sound silly, it would be super cool if you would compliment someone like that.

#3 “I’d be so happy to spend every minute of every day with you, but some days I have to do things.”
The reality is that as much as we would like to spend all our time with our loved one, it’s practically impossible. At least it’s not feasible in the long term since someone has to pay the bills.

#4 “If you knew how much I think about you, I would be very embarrassed.”
If there is one person in your life who is always on your mind, don’t be afraid to let them know with this honest compliment.

#5 “It’s not easy to be me. Which is why I need you.”
I know, this one’s a bit silly, but I think it’s genuine and sweet. Whoever you tell this to, no matter if it’s a man or a woman, will appreciate your honesty or at least make them smile.


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