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#020 Speak English like an American – Informal contractions Gonna, Wanna, Gotta

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Hi everyone!

I’m Georgiana; founder of My mission is to help YOU speak English fluently.

In this episode:

  • I’d like to help you to understand how to use words like Gonna, Wanna, Gotta, and similar.
  • After that, a point of view story to practice your English and consolidate the information that I’ll be teaching you in the first part.

Ok, let’s get started!

Are you confused about how and when to use the words GONNA, WANNA, and GOTTA?

Let me start by saying that these three words are contractions.
What’s a contraction?
A contraction is created when two words in a row come together and become one.
For example:
I am=I’m
It is = It’s
Do not = Don’t
Will not= Won’t

These are some of the contractions which are accepted as grammatically correct and are taught in all English courses.

However, in this lesson, I’ll focus on informal contractions. These are not taught in grammar books because their use is mostly colloquial.

If you say going to really fast, you can shorten it to GONNA by dropping the final sound. If you say want to really fast, it shortens to WANNA. These are informal contractions.

Get the transcript in pdf here.


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  • Transcript Episode pdf (right click to save the transcript)

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  1. Massy

    This episode is amazing!


      Thank you!!

  2. George

    I love you Georgiana! Salutes from Argentina!

  3. Ramon Mascorro

    Heey Georgiana, Thanks a lot for your podcast, I have been improve my fluenty English and now I`m not more shy when is the moment to talk!!

  4. mohamed osama

    Thanks a lor Georiana

  5. Jairo Segovia

    Georgiana You are a great teacher. I’m learning English and I can understand when you speak. Clearly slow and correct pronunciation. I’m grateful

  6. English student R

    This podcast is very good , I love to learn this words and I prefer to listen it by you dear .
    I gotta listen it more than one time as you always recommended us .

  7. Kawthar

    Thanks Georgiana, i like your explanation it’s very clear and understandable and useful to talk fluency


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