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#021 Learn English daily – The Kaizen way -No procrastination


Welcome to the Speak English Now Podcast, your resource for practicing your English speaking and listening. You will also learn about lifestyle and culture, language, vocabulary, and how to learn English more effectively.


I’m Georgiana, founder of My mission is to help YOU to speak English fluently.

In this episode:

  • I’ll talk about a Japanese technique called Kaizen. It’s hard to be constant when you have a long-time project like learning English. This technique will help you to study English every day, and it will prevent you from procrastinating.
  • Later you’ll practice your speaking skills with a new fun question and answer story.

What in the world is Kaizen? You may be asking yourself.

Kaizen is a Japanese word that can be translated as “Continuous Improvement.”

The concept of continuous improvement has been around for thousands of years in Japanese culture.

Here’s the thing, sometimes we want to achieve essential goals or make significant changes to our habits.

It’s when we get excited, and we start taking massive action.

We start going to the gym five days a week or studying English for several hours every day.

This is easy when we begin since we’re motivated, and we have strong determination. Novelty gives us that feeling.

Taking massive action can be positive sometimes. Unfortunately, many times it, can become counterproductive.

This mindset is prevalent in western culture. We like finding big solutions to big problems.

The best way to reach your goal is to start using a better and more efficient method.

So, you already have chosen your goal. That’s easy to do. You’ve decided that you want to speak English fluently.

What’s tricky is maintaining your enthusiasm until reaching your goal.

Get the transcript in PDF here.


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  1. Isac

    Obrigado Georgiana
    Estou acompanhando seus podcast que são ótimos.
    Sua voz é super agradável

  2. Mauro Cruz

    Thanks and congratulations, Georgiana, for your excellent English course!
    I started listening to your podcast three months ago, and I feel that my English skills have improved considerably. The technique, texts and the way of conducting the course are unique and very effective.

    Mauro Cruz
    Juiz de Fora


      Hi, Mauro! Thank you for your positive feedback. I’m so happy that the podcast is working so well for you!!

    • Mauro Cruz

      Hi Georgiana,
      I just saw the inclusion of my comment in the 54th lesson. My wife was listening to your Podcast and by chance she heard my name in this lesson. She came immediately to me and showed me. She is very interested in the course and she is loving the technique, ” without boring exercises or memorizing rules. ”

      Thank you for considering my comment.

      Mauro Cruz


        Hi Mario! Your comment was great and I wanted to share it with all of my listeners. I’m glad that you and your wife find my method useful. Have a nice day!

    • Abby

      I find this teaching very fascinating and effective as acompared to other methods.

  3. Sergei

    I’ve discovered these podcasts today. The new words are being learnt much faster and are being remembered much better. Thanks for your great work!


      Hi, Sergei. I’m very happy that you’re enjoying my lessons.

  4. itrane said

    Good morning my teacher Georgiana
    your way to teach is wonderful
    thank you so much
    have a great time

  5. Dan

    Hi Georgiana, my prefered English teacher.
    How have you been doing? I hope well.

    I am writing to thank you for all you have given me through your English classes. Studying English with you, means much more than learning a language. It is like immersing myself in a culture, learning to think differently and finding tips that serve many different areas of knowledge and development of multipurpose tools (like Kaizen).

    Sincerely, thank you tons !!.

  6. English student R

    Hey Georgiana , how have you been doing ? I hope well .
    I wanna thank you . your lessons are amazing . I like this way of teaching .
    and about this topic I agree with Japanese and its a good way for me and I decided to read a book about Kaizen without any procrastination .

  7. Alexey

    Hi Georgiana, I want to express my great appreciation to you and say thank you so much for your work. Your podcasts help me a lot in learning English. I think your teaching method is one of the best. Thanks to your podcasts I have a better understanding of English speech. Thank you again.


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With Georgiana’s method  I have started speaking English from minute one and this is exactly what I needed. With the traditional method you will practice grammar, grammar and grammar, but with Georgiana’s method you will practice listening and speaking and in my opinion this is the most important thing when you are learning a new language. Ricardo

“Thanks to Georgiana, I have lost my fear of speaking English. I have eliminated my frustration and started to enjoy this language.” Miriam

“I did not study English when I was a child. I contacted Georgiana at a time when I felt blocked. She has helped me to lose my fear of speaking English.” Ana