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In this episode:

  • I’ll talk about a Japanese technique called Kaizen. It’s hard to be constant when you have a long-time project like learning English. This technique will help you to study English every day, and it will prevent you from procrastinating.
  • Later you’ll practice your speaking skills with a new fun question and answer story.

What in the world is Kaizen? You may be asking yourself.

Kaizen is a Japanese word that can be translated as “Continuous Improvement.”

The concept of continuous improvement has been around for thousands of years in Japanese culture.

Here’s the thing, sometimes we want to achieve essential goals or make significant changes to our habits.

It’s when we get excited, and we start taking massive action.

We start going to the gym five days a week or studying English for several hours every day.

This is easy when we begin since we’re motivated, and we have strong determination. Novelty gives us that feeling.

Taking massive action can be positive sometimes. Unfortunately, many times it, can become counterproductive.

This mindset is prevalent in western culture. We like finding big solutions to big problems.

The best way to reach your goal is to start using a better and more efficient method.

So, you already have chosen your goal. That’s easy to do. You’ve decided that you want to speak English fluently.

What’s tricky is maintaining your enthusiasm until reaching your goal.

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